About us

Since 2008 we have specialized in consultancy for the development of carbon projects, and in the purchase and sale of environmental commodities.

We provide our clients with solutions to develop the potential of their commodities and generate new business opportunities within a framework of environmental and social sustainability.

Years of experience

Million Certified Carbon Credits since 2017

Million hectares of forest conserved under REDD+


From its begginings, Terra Commodities has been participating in the international carbon market. Terra mantains a close relationship with the owners of different carbon projects in the Renewable Energies, Methane, Transportation and Forestry sectors, developed under carbon standards such as the VCS, Gold Standard, Biocarbon and Cercarbono, which allows for an extensive carbon inventory during the year, Our  clients require the yearly measurement and compensation of their carbon footprints and in Colombia  the waiver of the National Carbon Tax through compensation.

What are we doing?

Terra Commodities is a professional participant in the world’s  carbon markets where it maintains its own accounts. It has integrated into the development of carbon projects where it provides development services. This allows fororiginating an inventory from its own projects under standards such as VERRA, Biocarbon and Cercarbono.

Get more information about our projects at www.communityredd.com.

Our experience

Terra Commodities positions itself throughout the entire carbon market value chain, starting with  the design and development and ending with implementation andcommercialization, It carries out carbon trading in professional markets. For our clients, we carry out the measurement with recommendations for carbon footprint mitigation and compensation.

We are active members of platforms such as CBL and CTX and maintain registration accounts in VERRA, Gold Standard, Biocarbon and Ecoregistry standards. This allows us to have a broad vision of the market and its evolution, which we share with our clients whom we consider the reason for our activities and with whom we focus our work within a sustainable economy.

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